Day: September 17, 2014

parking clock… and a whooole lot of bitchin

I live in a small town called Žalec and our municipality decided that it’s time to give Žalec a brand new look. So it took them 1 year to turn our once quite nice town into a generic piece of shit. And the best part is that they “invented“ a blue parking zone so that […]

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FruitPocket drafts

Recently a friend asked me to do some drafts for dried fruit package. I didn’t want to do the standard fruit package, because I think that in general those designs are just plain ugly (but hey, maybe you’ll think the same for my designs). Fingers crossed, maybe soon you’ll be able to find my packages […]

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New season, new image

SD Chickita is preparing itself for a new season, so I polished it a little bit with a website that is more up to date and mobile-friendly. Plus this sunday we did a sup/longboard event, and you’ll be able to chek out how our day went, because we’ll be making a short clip.

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