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Trip to Helsinki

Well it is no big secret that scandinavian design is my favorite kind of design. That is why I have always wanted to visit scandinavian countries and this time I got the chance to visit Helsinki. What did I learn from this trip? 1) There is no snow in Helsinki. 2) Days are short and [...] read more

Happy new whatever!

I can't complain, I am proud of the fact that I am the only child. But what i am even more proud of is the group of friends that I somehow managed to hang on to. That is why I, every year for the past five years, organise the Traditional Christmas dinner. This year was [...] read more


So the “story“ behind this trip goes like this - my fav cousin/brother from another mother has moved to Munich in search of a larger life. Since I had a bit of... well I can't call it a homesick, so let's call it a “person-sick“© moment, I asked my bestie if she would come with [...] read more

Lovrenška jezera

Few days ago my friend, Marina and I went for a little hike to see Lovrenška lakes. The lakes are located on mountain Rogla, where I go to snowboard every year, but I've never actually took time and go to see these lakes. And yes, they are worth taking time, because the landscape is amazing! read more


After my graduation I needed a break... well not like a vacation, but at least a day off, where I could think about absolutely nothing. Thankfully my friend Maja is always up for anything, and so we decided to go to Venice for a day. It is a two and a half hour trip from Ljubljana [...] read more


For the past half of the year I've been pretty much a ghost, thanks to college. I must admit, that I thought it would be easier, but I've proved myself wrong every time I set a deadline. So my “debt“ to the Faculty of Social Sciences was 2 final exams and a diploma, that I [...] read more


This one took ages to build, but DrogArt was finally done with all the adjustments so we were able to release it. This time I didn’t do the interface but I coded the app… I think it still needs some pimpin’, but I guess we’ll fix those bugs in the next release plus also do […]

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PuraVida hemp

The uprising PuraVida is a family company that makes handmade product from hemp seeds. Few months ago I did a logo, and now I had to make a design for their packaging. The one they choose is the one you see above, and below you can see all the drafts I did. I must say […]

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