PRIMER 607 | MUVIT 6×60 film festival

PRIMER 607 | MUVIT 6×60 film festival

Nimam Productions wanted to see if we are any good, so we went to a film festival, MUVIT6x60. The objectives were to make it in a top 10, but at the end we got 4th place and a rafting for 8 persons, hah!
So 22 teams, 60 hours and at least 6min of film length. Every team got 3 points to consider – we had to portrait a wish or a longing for something, a sentance “Are we alone, can anybody hear us?“ and a pack of batteries that had to be placed somewhere in that 6mins.
I don’t know about other teams, but eventhough the genre of our film is drama, we actually laughed for three days straight!
Nevertheless a BIG thumbs up for the SquareMe team that got 1st place and if you want to see other films, you can check them out here >

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