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Happy new whatever!

I can't complain, I am proud of the fact that I am the only child. But what i am even more proud of is the group of friends that I somehow managed to hang on to. That is why I, every year for the past five years, organise the Traditional Christmas dinner. This year was [...] read more


So the “story“ behind this trip goes like this - my fav cousin/brother from another mother has moved to Munich in search of a larger life. Since I had a bit of... well I can't call it a homesick, so let's call it a “person-sick“© moment, I asked my bestie if she would come with [...] read more

Maja & Rok… a wedding

I can't really say that I'm a big fan of weddings, but this was one of the most fun weddings I ever went to. Two of my friends finally got married and they asked me to be their photographer. I don't have much of wedding photography experience, but since it wasn't your typical wedding, the [...] read more