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Happy new whatever!

I can't complain, I am proud of the fact that I am the only child. But what i am even more proud of is the group of friends that I somehow managed to hang on to. That is why I, every year for the past five years, organise the Traditional Christmas dinner. This year was [...] read more


After my graduation I needed a break... well not like a vacation, but at least a day off, where I could think about absolutely nothing. Thankfully my friend Maja is always up for anything, and so we decided to go to Venice for a day. It is a two and a half hour trip from Ljubljana [...] read more

New year at Therme Olimija

For the past 8 years I’m trying to spend new year at home with me, myself and I but once again I spent it somewhere else. This year I had to take photos at Thermal spa Olimija. Weeeeeell I must say that this is really not my “thing“ plus I was sick so it was […]

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HAIP park 2015

RAMPA is a laboratory for hacking science, art and society and I was asked to take photos at their HAIP park 2015 exhibition… this time I had a new camera which I was just getting to know, so it was… an experience… if I can put it that way.

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Coco and Twig

CocoAndTwig is my “kick in the lazy ass of a friend“. Maja has been a friend of mine for decades and this girl is all about decor, food, nails and taking selfies so it was about time to stop posting and gaining followers of Instagram, but to actually try making something better out of this. […]

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TEDx Ljubljana

An old friend asked me if I could come to TEDx Ljubljana event to be one of the 5 official photographers. I must say that I felt a little embarrassed since rest of the photo crew was running around with some fancyass pro DSLRs and I was holding tightly my poor old Nikon D5100… well […]

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This time it was Stubai

This weekend I went with some friends to Stubai Moreboards premiere to take photos for Chickita magazine. On Friday the weather conditions weren’t promising, so we tested some snowboards, grab some lunch, and headed to Innsbruck where we stayed for the weekend. Saturday was a bit better regarding the weather, but I felt sick the […]

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We went to Peniche…

This year my dear friend Patricija and I went to Peniche, Portugal. Patricija got super excited about surfing during her vacations on Bali and she wanted to end her summer with some more surfing so I tagged along… and now I can’t wait to go surfing again next year! So the plane left us in […]

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