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Bio IQ

Bio IQ all about passion for the healthy lifestyle, love of sports and the possibility of being close to nature was the driving force behind this undertaking. The effectiveness of BIO IQ cosmetics is based on the belief in the intelligence of one of the most perfect organs – the human skin. To help them visually [...] read more

Yoga Bled

Yoga Bled will be a Pop up yoga event that will take place this summer in Bled, Slovenia. For that purpose Nimam productions was asked to do a promo video, but since 2/3 of Nimam was away it was up to me to film and edit this project. I also did a quick logo and […]

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Ponytail Trails by Linda Paluc

Get ready for new downhill season with lovely Linda Paluc. She and her team did an amazing job last year, and I am stoked to say that this year I’m joining their team as an editor/animator/graphic designer. So far I did a logo for Ponytail Trails series (+ 3 drafts) and a short 2014 recap […]

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Snowboard kindergarten with SD Chickita

During the Freestyle week on Rogla, ŠD Chickita hosted a snowboard kindergarten with help from Blue Tomato. Of course we had to inform the public of what we’re doing, so I designed this poster/flyer and afterwards I threw together a quick recap video.

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Lux Bootcamp

Lux Bootcamp is the first functional workout center for women in Slovenia and I was asked to make three presentation videos. Jaša, the Lux spokesmen or in this case spokeswoman, send me the clips and I put them together.

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PRIMER 607 | MUVIT 6×60 film festival

Nimam Productions wanted to see if we are any good, so we went to a film festival, MUVIT6x60. The objectives were to make it in a top 10, but at the end we got 4th place and a rafting for 8 persons, hah! So 22 teams, 60 hours and at least 6min of film length. […]

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