Trip to Helsinki

Trip to Helsinki

Well it is no big secret that scandinavian design is my favorite kind of design. That is why I have always wanted to visit scandinavian countries and this time I got the chance to visit Helsinki.

What did I learn from this trip?
1) There is no snow in Helsinki.
2) Days are short and nights are long.
3) It is really difficult to buy stuff in stores since I can’t go with my “buy the stuff that has prettiest label“ logic, since 80% of everything has nice design on labels.
4) Public transportation is more expensive than I thought it would be, but it is pretty handy.
5) I wouldn’t change Slovenian cuisine for anything, but the coffee is good tho.
6) Geez alcohol is expensive as f***!
7) I thought that Fins would drink more, but they are really responsible drinkers.
8) Thank god I went with a plane, otherwise I would bring back a s*** load of stuff.
9) Fins are not as cold and sarcastic as I thought they would be… so I guess I should go to Greenland next time, to see if folk there would match my character.
10) I love the fact that Fins are way more civilised than folk in Slovenia, eg. you can not hear or feel their breath when you stand in line. Personal space in public areas is the span of my arms people!!
11) They really cherish their culture.
12) Helsinki is not as big as I expected.
13) 95% of their toilets have a little shower for your tush.
14) Tarot reading from “Cards against humanity“ is accurate.
15) They have saunas in their bathrooms!
16) I didn’t get the chance to eat elk or reindeer meat.
17) If you think you are going to go to the store and be all incognito Finn or confident thinking “I’ve got this s***“… no, no you don’t. You won’t understand a word on the labels and a simple “Moi, moi“ won’t do at the cashiers when they’ll ask you something.
18) Some kids should be prohibited from airplanes.

Well to sum it all up – the trip was great and our hosts Joonas, Siiri and Kea were amazing! Thank you again for everything.

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